LANEY - VH 100 R

10 € / day

Features: This amp has versatility written all over it. It was built and designed for versatility and flexibility! It can do everything well! Pretty much jack of all trades! And it does it well! It's great for Modern Rock like Dashboard Confessional, Foo Fighters, Smashing Pumkins, Jimmy Eat World, Taking Back Sunday, you get the idea. It's a two channel amp with gain switches for each channel making it pretty much sound like a 4 channel amp. The effects loop in this baby is masterpiece. You can dedicate your effects to separate channels or both at the same time. You can have your chorus for just your cleans and an OD pedal for your distorted channel! Unreal. Wish more amp manufacturers thought about sooner. The Vh100r pretty much has all the bells and whistles I could ask for. Reverb, great effects loop, great tone shaping tools, separate EQs for each channel and just great tone!

Suggested for any kind of metal, hardcore and rock in general.

If you rent it together with a full backline, the price for the whole set will be 30 € x day.